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Beautifully boutique and local, the team at Janice Dunn Estate Agents has morphed into a perfectly balanced group of women who are focused on ensuring YOUR real estate journey is as stress-free and smooth as possible.

“The harder I work the luckier I get”… Samuel Goldwyn

Luck certainly came our way when we secured our dream location to open our own Boutique Agency right in the heart of Frankston South, an area we have lived, worked, and loved for over 20 years.

Starting as a family business, Janice Dunn Estate Agents has evolved into a well-balanced Team. Each member with their own strengths that complement one another perfectly resulting in strong, smooth results every time. With a combined experience of over 42 years, and all local, we are experts in our fields.

A “full service” Agency focusing on the whole real estate journey from helping to strategize when is the right time for you to sell, to ensuring your property is presentation ready, to helping make the whole process as stress free and smooth as possible.

Your journey becomes ours!

Committed to providing exceptional customer service, we set out to create systems and procedures that would ensure we offered the same friendly, efficient, and professional service we were already known for, yet able to offer one-on-one flexible campaigns that are as individual as our clients and their homes.

And if you have discovered one of our listings you’ll love – then we are here to help and will ensure you get every opportunity to make it your own.

Real Estate is all about people, that will never change, it’s just the systems, strategies and technology that will evolve….and being a truly independent agency, we have the flexibility to take action quickly and smoothly, ensuring our clients are looked after no-matter what is happening in the marketplace or to the global economy.

Luck doesn’t just happen – it is created, and if you read through some of our many testimonials you will start to get a clear picture as to why so much luck comes our way!

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We ❤️ Frankston & the  Mornington Peninsula

We ❤️ Frankston & the  Mornington Peninsula

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