How to hold a successful garage sale

Holding a garage sale is a great way to declutter before going to market, before moving house, or when you feel you just have too much stuff! Below are some steps to help simplify the process

One month before

  • Find a space to gather all of the items you wish to sell, such as in a spare bedroom or in the garage
  • Ask your family, friends and neighbours if they have anything they wish for you to sell on their behalf
  • Sort through all of your possessions to locate items you no longer need.
  • Clean all items and price them
  • Work out if you will need any family or friends to be helpers on the day
  • Check your local community newspapers/facebook groups to see if there are any local community or sporting events that may benefit or impact your planned date for the sale.
  • Choose a day and time for your garage sale – Saturday or Sunday are the best days to have a garage sale – you could even spread yours over the weekend if you have a lot to sell
  • Choose a start and end time for your garage sale – we suggest an 8am start to avoid the “ early birds” knocking on your door!
  • Having a clearly stated finishing time (perhaps 1pm) means you won’t have people coming too late in the day

One week before

  • Advertise in your local community facebook groups and those of your neighbouring suburbs. Ensure your post is clear on date, time, location and the types of items being sold.
  • Consider advertising your garage sale on community noticeboards such as those in supermarkets and community centres
  • Prepare your advertising signs to place out the night before your garage sale. Keep the, brief with date, time and address. Your local agent may be able to provide you with some directional pointer boards. When putting up your signs, please respect other peoples property and ensure they are not in dangerous locations

One day before

  • Place up your advertising signs the day before your garage sale – put them on the corner of your street and on any roads leading to your street

On the day of the sale

  • Put balloons on your letterbox so people can easily see your house
  • Have all of your helpers wearing a money belt or have just one person handling transactions
  • Have plenty of change available – particularly coins
  • Do not accept cheques. Ensure all items are paid for and taken immediately
  • Have available plastic bags for buyers to take small items home in

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