We’re sure you have many questions about the process! Below are some common questions we are often asked by sellers.

what do i do during buyer inspections?

Leave them to it! We understand that it is difficult to “let go”, however we strongly suggest leaving for a short time while we are bringing buyers through your home. This will leave prospective buyers free to roam your property and feel at home. Rest assured we will be with them the whole time, and will ensure your home is locked up securely when we leave.

what do i do with my pets?

If possible, take them with you (particularly dogs). If you are unable to take your animals with you, please provide a safe, secure space we can put them in for the duration of the inspection, to keep them safe and ensure they don’t escape.

With cats, keep in mind that they can be easily spooked by strangers being in their homes. If possible, we recommend taking them with you in a cat carrier for inspections, particularly if they are “inside only” cats.

will people look inside my cupboards?

Yes. We understand you will still need to store things, just ensure they are neat and tidy and any valuables are stored out of sight.

what do i do if someone knocks on my door and asks to view the home?

Stranger Danger! We recommend that you don’t allow anyone through your home without one of our agents present. Buyers can be very sneaky and are only trying to get information from you so they can pay the lowest price possible. Your agent of choice will have the skills necessary to deflect any uncomfortable questions, and will be able to expertly handle any negatives the buyers may bring up. Should someone knock on your door, simply give them one of our business cards and request that any discussions about the property be through the agent.

what do i do if it's raining on an inspection day?

Don’t despair! Although this may mean you have less groups through an open for inspection, the ‘hot’  buyers will still be out and about. Please leave some old towels out for the agent to place near all of your external doors to avoid muddy footprints inside!