Having your home on the market can be exhausting and stressful for those that aren’t familiar with the process, so we have prepared this check list to help you identify any areas you can easily improve on, prior to going to market which, if done correctly, will result in a smoother selling process.

1.       Light and bright will create a positive mood – When your photography is being taken and you are having your open for inspections, turn on all the lights and any lamps you have. This will brighten your home immensely.

2.       Declutter, Declutter, Declutter! – The less clutter you have in each room, the larger they will feel. Less is best. Remove all unnecessary items from your rooms. If you don’t want to get rid of your ‘stuff’, consider renting a storage unit

3.       Change your light globes – Ensure all your light globes are the same, this will create a uniform light throughout your home – the higher the wattage, the better!

4.       Move your furniture- Try moving some of your furniture around to help make the rooms look bigger and highlight the best features of each room.

5.       Remove cobwebs – Dust your home regularly and clean out any cobwebs, paying close attention to the corners near your ceiling, around the legs of furniture and fans/air conditioner ducts

6.       Vacuum regularly -  Particularly in high traffic areas.

7.       Have a family “game plan”. Sometimes you will have short notice for private inspections. Have a plan in place to get your home “inspection ready” at short notice.

8.       Let in the sunshine and air out your home ­– Whenever possible open all windows, doors and curtains for half an hour before any inspections, to freshen up your home and air out any lingering food or animal smells as well as let the sunshine in. Reed diffusers and scented candles can also help with this, ensuring you don’t go ‘overboard’ which could lead to buyers thinking you are covering something up.

9.       Make your master bedroom a sanctuary – Show off your main bedroom and create a “master suite” effect if possible removing any unnecessary furniture and ensuring anything that can be stored away is.

10.   Beds – Make sure your beds are all neatly made and the linen is clean, double pillows and a decorative cushion to give the home a “hotel” feel

11.   Organise your cupboards -  People WILL look inside your cupboards and wardrobes! Keep your cupboards as organised as possible and ensure nothing falls out of them when they’re opened! This is a great time to dispose of any excess clothing or out of date food

12.   Declutter your bathrooms – Please put any products from your shower or bathroom benches out of sight for photography and inspections. Also ensure your toilets are all flushed!

13.   Check your silicone – if the silicone in any of your wet areas is missing, mouldy or discoloured, consider redoing

14.   Clear your benches -  Move as many appliances or clutter off your kitchen benches as possible, to better highlight their size.

15.   Have your carpets and tiles professionally cleaned

16.   Rearrange your furniture – Rearrange (and remove if necessary) the furniture in your living areas, especially those with high traffic, to improve flow and highlight the best features of each room

17.   Avoid the ‘sterile’ feel – When decluttering, don’t declutter too much! We want your home to be clean, but also feel lived in!

18.   Have your oven and range hood professionally cleaned – Buyers notice grease!

19.   Buy a new door mats – Put a new mat at your front door, as well as at every other external doors, to avoid dirt being walked on your clean carpet!

20.   Wash all your windows – Wash all windows (inside and out) just before photography

21.   Eliminate smells! – If you’re a smoker or have inside pets, do your best to remove these smells

22.   Clean your walls – Remove anything that is stuck to your walls with blu-tac such as posters. If you can’t clean it, paint it!

23.   Fix cupboard doors – If any of your cupboard doors can’t close, fix or replace them so they can open with ease

24.    Check your windows – All your windows and doors should be able to open with ease. Repair or replace any damaged fly screens

25.   Check for cracks and water damage – If your home is showing significant cracks or any water damage, consider having a building and pest inspection completed prior to going to market

26.   Replace your shower curtains

27.   Gardening – Keep your garden neat and tidy at all times. Lawn care is of utmost importance, as is removing any dying plants

28.   Put away toys and garden equipment – Bikes, outside toys, unused outdoor furniture, hoses and garden equipment should be stored out of sight

29.   Put away pool equipment – Pool equipment should be stored out of sight – especially for photos. Don’t forget the creepy crawly!

30.   Clean your outdoor furniture – Outdoor furniture should be kept clean and/or repainted if necessary

31.   Letterbox – Your letterbox is one of the first impressions of your house, so it should be evaluated with a critical eye. If it can’t be repaired, replace it.

32.   Check out the exterior – Make any minor repairs to the exterior of your house if necessary. Ensure your gutters are clean, and there is no rust or missing paint.

33.   The front – Porches, steps, verandas, balconies, patios and other areas to the front of your home should be kept uncluttered, swept and in good condition

34.   Bins- Keep your council bins clean and out of sight

35.   Check your roof – Replace and secure any broken or loose roof tiles. Any extra dollar spent now may add thousands later.

36.   Paint is cheap – Investing in painting your home can make the difference between “turning on” the buyer and sending up a red flag about the condition of your home

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